Associations faced with overextended staff, shrinking budgets and exhibit space reductions have turned to outsourcing to reinvigorate their expos.

At Corcoran, our focus is selling exhibit space. We have produced over 700 successful trade shows across a variety of industries, including healthcare, government, transportation, environmental, business, scientific and finance.

Case Study: HealthCare Association


Reason for Outsourcing

Healthcare Association turned to Corcoran due to a continuous decline in exhibit numbers.

Corcoran Solutions

Attended competing events throughout the year, conducted online research for new prospects based on product/region and identified new product categories to build the prospect database.



Experienced 14-15% increase in new companies and number of booths sold for 2 years running. Added over 100 new companies to the expo within 2 years.



Learn how we can help you

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